cheap Impounded Van Insurance, Cheap Impounded Van Insurance

Impound Van Insurance: Why You Need It not?

For many van owners, their vans are their living and more than just a vehicle. Your van could be really vital for you. You might depend on it to follow a life-declaring pursuit. So what if it becomes a figure, one of the hundreds of thousands of vans allegedly clamped or impounded in the UK every year?

It can be really hectic even if it is insure, you may not be cover for its release from the pound-and even if your insurance broker is helpful to extend your cover, they may demand an impound premium. That can be the main problem as if it has been impound, you should prove that you have insurance in place before it will retrieve.

You must act quickly too. You have just 7 working days to collect your van and if you cannot collect within 14 days, it could be scrapp or sold at auction.

This is where impounded van insurance comes in place. It provides specialist short-term impound cover. It is design to make sure you can satisfy the legal obligation to have a minimum of 30 days of road insurance in place to secure your van’s release from the police pound.

Advantages of the impounded van insurance

  • 30-day cover to suit the legal minimum needed for the release of a van
  • Cover for impounds under the Road Traffic Law
  • Transport of own goods business van insurance
  • Domestic, pleasure, and social use
  • Van sharing and commuting
  • Third-party only impounded van insurance, all the cover you required to secure the release of the vehicle

What do you need to know?

Impound insurance cover is available to drivers aged between 21 to 68, subject to meeting underwriting conditions. Specific professions excluded.

Release my vehicle provides you a solution to releasing a van from the police pound providing a quick 30-day third-party insurance cover for drivers who have held a UK driving license for 1 year or more. Check out the features and advantages to get your van retrieve as early as possible.

  • Get quotes in a few minutes
  • Insurance certificate mailed quickly
  • Cover for drivers with a pending conviction (for no insurance)
  • 30-day policy for vans impounded by the police

Why do the vans impound by the police?

Under the Road Traffic Law, the police and other authorities have got the right to impound any vehicle. That is being drive without a valid driving license or insurance. If the driver has commit the offense or the police are not able to establish insurance cover being in place at the roadside. The van will be impound and taken to the police pound. Where you will be charge a release fee plus daily storage charges until the vehicle is collect.

Can you use one day of car insurance to collect your impounded van?

You just cannot have an insurance policy issued for 1-day in order to secure. The release of a van released from the police pound. To release the van, the registered owner will require a special impounded vehicle insurance policy that is enough for a minimum of 30 days. At Release my vehicle, we can arrange cover for the registered owner for a 30-day short-term impounded car insurance policy. It is not possible to include an extra named driver included to your insurance policy.

Release my vehicle insurance policy

As an insurance broker, Release my vehicle has been helping people arrange insurance in the UK for many years. Being able to purchase insurance coverage in recent years has become the standard for so many people. We have developed various leading options for short-term van insurance.

With many years of experience in providing the cheapest impounded van insurance in just a few minutes, you are now able to meet the strict acceptance criteria before purchasing our third-party impounded vehicle insurance cover. We are working with insurance brokers for this product. And are therefore not able to make a good analysis of the industry. You must decide for yourself whether or not the insurance policy is applicable to your requirements.