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Has your car been impounded?

Release My Vehicle


If your vehicle is impounded by the police, Release My Vehicle will act as the safety net to recover your vehicle from the police impound. Keeping you in the driving seat, we offer a simple solution to a complicated issue. A solution giving you breathing space. The longer your vehicle stays within the impound the increased likelihood that your vehicle could be scrapped or sold, sometimes with your belongings already inside. We will make sure we have your vehicle released before it is auctioned or destroyed. Your car, your way.


Release My Vehicle offers you a 30-day impound insurance policy so that you can retrieve your vehicle seamlessly without having to navigate your way through the red tape and delays. Leave that to us. Once your car has been retrieved from the impound, you can continue to drive without the worry of being impounded throughout your 30-day policy. We aim to offer the right cover for the right price for an impounded car. We are here to make sure your vehicle is recovered from the impound yard or police. We aim to get you back on the road.


Our purpose is to get your car returned back to you. Our team is ready to engage with expert advice to understand your needs. Through a real conversation, we will offer you competitive short-term policies that will meet the specific needs of your circumstances. Our team will help explain how you can take advantage of a policy that will keep you and your car on the road. We understand the importance of keeping you in the driving seat, and so our policies help accelerate the time it takes to get you back on the road.

We will assist you to release your vehicle.

(quotes are subject to acceptance if you do not disclose material facts this may void your insurance. the insurance offered is for a short-term policy of 30 days only. the cover offered is on a 3rd party basis only. The insurance offered is non-refundable. The overall decision to release a vehicle still stands with the authority on which it was seized and they hold the right not to release a vehicle)

What We Offer

We offer a 30 day policy that will cover your vehicle to be released from any impound site. No matter the reason your car is impounded, we will help you get that vehicle back.

Why purchase our cover?

Impound insurance is the simple way to retrieve a vehicle. Its the most efficient way to get your vehicle released. Ready to be driven right away.