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Impound Insurance

Why do I need impound insurance?

Car insurance is there to essentially protect you from any unfortunate eventualities that are outside of your control. The risk from you is removed and onto the insurance company. Though you try to mitigate certain circumstances outside of what your insurance can cover, sometimes those events can lead to your car being impounded by the police.

We offer a 30-day insurance policy that can get your car back on the road after it has been seized. Keeping you on the road is an important component and this remains the focus of Release My Vehicle. The cover we provide could be the cheapest and quickest insurance solution. The turnaround that we provide can all be provided from a simple click to a phone call. Contact our experts now to offer you an immediate solution that doesn’t need to be complicated.

(Quotes are subject to acceptance if you do not disclose material facts this may void your insurance. The insurance offered is for a short-term policy for 30 days only. The cover offered is on a 3rd party basis only. The insurance offered is non-refundable. The overall decision to release a vehicle still stands with the authority on which it was seized and they hold the right not to release a vehicle)

Am I eligible for impound insurance?

All you need is a valid driving license held, being aged 21+, and a V5 logbook in the policyholder’s name. It’s that simple.

How long am I covered for?

The insurance we provide will cover you for 30 days with third-party insurance. Once the car has been released, your cover will continue for the remainder of the 30 days.

When can I retrieve my vehicle?

If the details are accurate and to the best of your knowledge we will help to retrieve the vehicle immediately. Getting you back to your way of life with minimal disruption is what we focus on. (This is subject to the availability at the impound or yard).

How can my car be released from the impound?

Once we have provided you with impound insurance, you will need to take the insurance documents, driving license & V5 logbook in your name to the impound. Once shown, they will release your vehicle. Simple. (For further guidelines, please contact the respective Impound that is holding your vehicle).

What if I need to make a claim while driving my vehicle using Impound Insurance?

If you have any claims whilst driving, the third-party vehicle involved in the accident will be covered. However, your own vehicle will not be covered.

What if I have any previous claims and/or convictions?

Please contact us, as this may affect your premium. Let us know about any claims and convictions you have ever had and we will try to find the most suitable cover.

What if I have a provisional license?

Our impound insurance will still cover you as long as the passenger beside you has a valid driving license that has been held for more than 5 years.

More questions?

Should the FAQ not answer your questions,  please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. Either way, we will find a solution to release your vehicle.

Contact Number: 0161 711 0066

Contact Email: [email protected]

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