About Us

Release My Vehicle with the Cheapest UK Impound Insurance

Release My Vehicle is a trading style of Simple Insurance Solutions and has been providing mainly Manchester based businesses and individuals a personalised insurance service for all their business and motor insurance needs for well over a decade. We are proud that we have not needed to advertise, with quality of service and referrals from happy customers (evidenced by a 97% renewal rate) being our preferred method of growth up until now.

We wanted to bring this level of service to those of the wider UK public who are facing the stressful and financially damaging situation of having a vehicle impounded by police, especially for those that rely on a car or van for work.

As impound insurance is required in a specific set of circumstances, we recognised the need for a consumer-focused brand that answers questions around this subject and allows our specialists to help customers across the UK negotiate the complex bureaucracy involved in securing a car release, and at an affordable price for their personal circumstances.

Release My Vehicle provides a straightforward solution to a complex problem that gives you some much needed breathing room. We are committed to getting you back on the road legally, and for the best price possible.


All you need is to be aged 21 or over and have o valid driving license. Like most policies, the V5 logbook and the vehicle must be registered in the policyholder s name. The next step is releasing the vehicle. Your premium may increase if you have had previous claims or convictions.

30 Day Cover

We will give a policy that will cover you for 30 days. 30 days of breathing space. Once the vehicle is released, you will be back on the road to get you to where you’re going.

Why Purchase Impound Insurance?

Simply put it’s the quickest and most efficient way to get your vehicle release from the impound and back on the road. Call us and our experts can tell you more. And most importantly, why