Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Short Term Private Car Insurance Policy

This document serves as the terms and conditions for your Short Term Private Car Insurance Policy, underwritten by Haven Insurance. Please read these terms carefully before proceeding with the purchase of the policy.

  1. Insurance Coverage 1.1 This policy provides short-term insurance coverage for third-party liability for your private car. It meets the requirements of the Road Traffic Act. 1.2 The policy covers claims by third parties if you are determined to be at fault for the incident. This includes cover for third-party vehicles or property, with a maximum limit of £20 million, as well as compensation for death or injury, which is unlimited. 1.3 Medical expenses for your passengers, up to £100 each when injured in an incident, are covered (subject to a maximum of £400 per incident). 1.4 Car sharing is allowed, provided you do not make a profit from the payments received.
  2. Exclusions 2.1 Damage to or loss of your car is not covered under this policy. 2.2 Wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown of your car is not covered. 2.3 The use of your car outside the terms of your driving licence is not covered. 2.4 The use of your car outside countries that are members of the European Union or countries that have satisfied the EC Directive 2009/103/EC on Insurance of Civil liabilities arising from the use of Motor Vehicles (No72/166/EEC) is not covered. These countries include; Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Spain, Finland, Malta and Sweden. 2.5 Anyone using your car who is not a named driver is not covered. 2.6 Using the car for a purpose not specified in your policy schedule is not covered. 2.7 Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not covered.
  3. Usage Restrictions 3.1 You are restricted to social, domestic, and pleasure use only, unless you have requested an additional class of use, such as commuting or business use.
  4. Coverage Area 4.1 The policy provides third-party cover for your car within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. 4.2 You can also use your car abroad with the minimum legal cover required within the European Union or countries that have satisfied the EC Directive 2009/103/EC. You are required to inform us before you travel.
  5. Policyholder Obligations 5.1 Before the cover starts: a. You must disclose all facts accurately and in full. b. You must inform us if you have any medical conditions that are disclosable to the DVLA. c. You are responsible for ensuring that the cover offered is suitable for your needs and should pay attention to any significant or unusual policy conditions or exclusions. 5.2 Once you have purchased the policy: a. Check that your certificate and schedule are correct, paying particular attention to the vehicle registration number, class of use, and the drivers listed as insured. b. Provide a copy of your driving licence or your licence summary check code and any other requested documents to validate your policy. c. Inform us if you make any changes that may affect the policy, such as changes to your name, the insured vehicle, your address or occupation, or the class of use required for the car. d. Take reasonable steps to protect your car and ensure it is kept in a roadworthy condition, with an up-to-date MOT and valid car tax.
  6. Claims Procedure 6.1 In the event of a claim: a. Never admit liability at the scene. b. Once you are in a safe position, exchange contact details with everyone involved, including witnesses, and take note of vehicle registration numbers. c. If safe to do so, take pictures of the vehicles, registration numbers, any passengers, and the incident scene. d. If any party is injured, call the emergency services. e. Notify the claims department within 24 hours of the incident to avoid incurring a late reporting excess. f. Pay any applicable excesses stated in the policy.
  7. Premium Payment 7.1 The premium for this policy can be paid in full by cash, credit card, or debit card as a one-time payment. Your insurance broker may offer you a payment plan option through monthly direct debit.
  8. Policy Start and Cancellation 8.1 The policy starts on the day the certificate for release is issued. 8.2 You can cancel the policy at any time by contacting your broker. Please note that cancellation may be subject to broker administration fees. 8.3 Policies for 31 days or more: a. If no claims have been made on the policy (by you or a third party) and there are no open claims at the point of cancellation, you will receive a refund for the remaining days of cover, less any broker administration fees. b. If a claim has been made by you or a third party, the following applies: – If the claim has been settled, and it is determined that you were at fault or partially at fault for the incident, we will retain the amount you have paid so far, and the remainder of the premium will be due. – If the claim has been settled as ‘notification only’ or it is determined that you were not at fault for the incident, you will receive a refund for the remaining days of cover, less any broker administration fees. 8.4 Policies for 30 days or less: a. There is no ‘cooling off’ period for policies lasting 30 days or less. Therefore, no refund will be given if you decide to cancel at any time.

By proceeding with the purchase of this Short Term Private Car Insurance Policy, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined above.

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