Car Impound Insurance You Did not Know You Needed at the Time of Impoundment.

You have now entered a very dark area and may require qualified legal advice because so much depends on the specific agreement you have with your hire, purchase, or finance company. 

If you do not get your car out of the pound in time and it is disposed of, you will receive nothing in exchange for it, but you may still be liable for any outstanding payments on it. They may make arrangements to pick up the vehicle before you do. If they do collect it, they will almost certainly be required to pay any outstanding charges before they can take it away. 

They will almost certainly incur additional administrative and/or legal expenses. What happens between you and them then is determined by your precise agreement with them, and legal advice may be highly recommended if you are unable to reach an amicable agreement with them. If you do not notify them and do not have your car released promptly, you may be held negligent and face additional legal costs. 

A condition of your agreement may be that the car is fully insured. If it is in the pound because it was uninsured, this would indicate a violation of this condition.

Car Impound Insurance: Need to Insure Your Car?

You may believe that if you insure your car, you don’t need to do anything else. This is true the vast majority of the time. However, if the police impound your car and place it in a car impound lot, the situation becomes a little more complicated. To recover a seized vehicle, you will need to obtain specialized insurance. Impounded car insurance ensures that you can easily retrieve your vehicle from the impound lot.

Why Could Your Vehicle Be Impounded?

The police may seize your vehicle for a variety of reasons. In general, they are associated with insurance. Driving a car necessitates the purchase of insurance. Failure to have adequate insurance may result in the police seizing and impounding your vehicle. You may have purchased proper insurance but unknowingly invalidated it.

Why Does a Car Get Impounded By the Police?

If you are driving without a valid license, the police may seize your vehicle. This could occur if you are driving without proper supervision while on a provisional license. It could also be if you have previously had your license revoked and are still driving.

Why Are You Unable to Use Your Standard Insurance?

So, why do you need car impound insurance if you already have coverage? It’s natural to believe that if your car is insured, you’ll be able to get it back after paying the fines. However, many standard car insurance policies are rendered null and void the moment a vehicle is impounded. This is because impounded cars are typically excluded from the policy wording.

What Should You Do Now?

Our team can provide you with an insurance quote and cover you on the same day. Our impound policies typically last 30 days. The police accept this as the bare minimum. This is to reassure them that you will be driving legally for the foreseeable future.
Once you have an insurance policy in place, you must take the documents to the police station to demonstrate that you have adequate coverage. The police will then contact our team or the insurer to verify your coverage.
Here are a few documents you need to release your impounded car.

Impounded Car Insurance Documents

The police will want these documents to prove that you have car impound insurance that covers you for a specific time.

Proof of a Driving license

This ensures that the person you claim to be and your name are on the car’s proof of ownership.

Proof of a Valid MOT

You have to prove to the police pound that you are the registered owner of the car.

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