How Can You Explain Impounded Car Insurance Costs?

Having your car impounded by the police is a great discomfort, and getting it back on the road is not always straightforward. 

For instance, you might need to obtain specialized insurance to ensure the release of your vehicle from the impound. It might sound weird, but not every car insurance broker covers cars being impounded. While additional short-term policies are always available, it’s important to note that they may not come at a low cost. 

We take a look at impounded car insurance costs, explain when it might be required, and look at what you will need to do if your car gets taken away.

Why Does Your Car Get Impounded?

Your car can be impounded for many reasons; a few of these could be your fault, but a few might be out of control. Your car might have been stolen and later found by the police. It would then be taken to the impound to anticipate collection. Vehicles can also be impounded for being driven without any sort of insurance, the driver not having a license, or if the car is driving an inference. Some other reasons could also include the car having been involved in a crash, being involved in a crime, illegally parked, or being used poorly. It can also be taken away if you do not pay any tax.

Can You Get a Temporary Impounded Car Insurance Policy for an Impounded Car?

Yes, you can get insurance for temporary cars. You can also buy short-term policies that give coverage for as little as one day to one month. Select impound insurance as the reason for your coverage when reaching out for temporary car insurance through our website. 

When policies differ, they usually offer a fully comprehensive level of car insurance coverage. It means you should be covered for damage to your car as well as that of other drivers. 

These plans are generally purchased to let someone else drive your car temporarily. But, premiums are likely to be relatively expensive. And remember, the policy must allow the release of the car from the police impound.

How to Get Your Car Back if The Police Impound it?

If your car has been impounded, you will receive a notice letter when it is ready for collection. 

The first step is finding out where your car has been impounded. If you are not sure, then call your local police station to find out where it was taken. 

It is necessary to clarify with the police exactly what is needed and what you are required to do to reclaim your car. 

Honestly speaking, getting your car back requires you to supply a large number of valid documents and follow set policies within a fortnight of it being taken. You may also have to pay fees and make sure your existing impounded car insurance quotes cover you for the car to be released from the impound.

What Are the Legal Requirements if Your Vehicle Has Been Impounded? 

You are legally required to attend the recovery operator’s impoundment within 7 working days of your car being impounded. 

But, you should always call the recovery operator before attending the impound to make sure the car’s ready to gather and is not being held for further investigation. You also need to check the opening times. 

If these requirements have not been met after the deadline, then the police could dispose of your car.

What Documents Do You Need to Reclaim Your Car?

You need to take several documents to the police impound to get the ball moving on the release of your car.
You need to provide the following documents:

Proof of Identity

A valid photo ID is needed. For example, it can be a passport, your driving license, your identity card, or an immigration document.

Proof of Ownership

You are also required to prove ownership. It could be either the logbook or a new keeper supplement along with a proper bill of sale.


If your car is 3 years old, it needs to have a proper MOT. If not, it requires a trailer to be recovered or taken directly to a pre-hired test appointment.

Insurance Certificate

You are also required to provide proof of insurance. But not every policy covers you for the car being impounded. That is why you are first required to read the small print. If you are still unclear, then call your insurance company to clarify the position.

What Are the Payment Fees for Your Impounded Car Insurance?

There is generally also a fee to pay before the car can be released. These charges are decided by the authorities, not the police, and depend on the condition and weight of the car.

In many cases, the car is not badly damaged or off the road.

What Will Happen to Your Car if You Are Not a Registered Keeper?

It is the responsibility of the registered user to attend to the impound, give the required documents, and pay the charges. 

Only then can the impound’s staff consider allowing a nominated driver to collect the car on your behalf. There are only a handful of conditions under which the registered keeper may be dismissed from appearing in person. 

It may be that they are not currently in the UK, in which case a power of attorney letter might be needed. Other instances contain them being detained in either prison or hospital. Both of these would need letters on headed notepaper from the associations as proof. 

Finally, a request for exclusion on the grounds of immobility, injury stability, or age, can only be made with a letter from a health care specialist on the headed car. 

And check your details with the police on the details of when you can gather your car.

Impound car insurance costs depend on various factors, you can contact us to find reasonable prices for your impounded car.

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