How Do I Get Out of My Impounded Car Without Insurance?

Has your car been impounded for no insurance? You are not alone because 1 in 25 drivers on UK roads is not insured. Drivers caught without insurance will need to take out a particular impounded car insurance policy to retrieve their vehicle. 

Driving without a valid insurance policy is not allowed and is against the law. Most people know that, and most drivers ensure that they are properly insured before getting on the roads. 

Every year, thousands of drivers are caught by the police for driving without valid insurance. There will be many offenders who had a valid reason not to be insured, having forgotten to renew their insurance policy or not realizing that they were not covered for that specific vehicle. 

Most drivers tend to be young, so the charges and penalties are worth risking when faced with the ever-increasing cost of taking out the policy. In comparison to the cost of insurance, the risk of these small fines can be a major one. Who doesn’t mind breaking the rules to save money? 

Be warned, that the penalties can be much more hurtful than a small charge and a big dent in the wrist.

The Minimum Level of Cover

By law, you should have a minimum of third-party liability insurance. It means that if you are involved in an accident, Your insurance policy will just pay out for damage caused to somebody else’s car or property and for any injuries that you might have caused. Your car and belongings will not be covered, but you will be driving legally.

How Many Points Will You Receive If You Drive Without Insurance?

In most cases, drivers caught without valid insurance generally receive 6 points on their license. But in some situations, 8 points can be given to you. 

Remember, once you have 12 points, you will have your driving license canceled. And you will be banned from driving for a specific time. Your driver’s license will also be approved with a driving conviction. Which should be disclosed to future insurance companies and will have a big impact on the cost of your insurance for many years.

Can Your Car Be Impounded Without Insurance?

If you are driving without insurance, the police will likely impound your car. It will be confiscated right on the spot and taken from you to be stored at the police pound. 

You will not be able to release your car until you have paid all due charges. You will also have to provide proof that you have taken out an impounded car insurance policy. It is worth noting that insurance for impounded cars can be really difficult to arrange, as there are a limited number of insurance brokers that will offer coverage.

Insurance Needed to Retrieve Impounded Car

If your car has been impounded by the police, you should act quickly to release it as early as possible. It is already costing you a future in penalties and impound charges. You depend on your car to get it and will get stuck without it. It is necessary to ensure that you have everything in place. Or you could end up wasting your time and spending a lot of money. 

To release your car out of an impound, you will need to have a special impounded car insurance policy. If you try to release your car without a suitable cover, You will not be able to release your car, and the impounder will continue to charge you penalties for storing it. 

If your car has been impounded, you will need to provide proof. That you have impounded car insurance to release it. You should take your insurance certificate with you as proof that an insurance policy is in place, so pick an insurance provider who can mail your policy documents to you quickly.

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