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Release My Vehicle offers competitive impound car insurance prices for getting cars out of the impound in Birmingham if your vehicle is impounded without insurance and taken to the compound. We will get your car out and get you back into the driving seat.

Impound insurance is the key document you need to release your vehicle. We have the expertise and efficiency to minimize the cost and stress these situations can cause. However, we can’t control the circumstances that caused your car to be seized. We can handle the ease with which your vehicle can be released back to you. Contact us to find out how.

Tik, Tock…

Police have the technology to quickly identify vehicles using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), making it easier to detect whether a car is insured. Circumstances out of your control may not stop you from getting your vehicle taken. But we have the know-how to release your vehicle.

The moment your car is impounded is the moment the clock starts ticking for you to get your car out of the impound yard. The longer it stays, the more it is going to cost you. However, you will have 7 days to give the police a current insurance certificate. The longer you leave it, the more you will be out of pocket. Release My Vehicle’s aim is to save our customers money.

Whether you’re in Birmingham or anywhere in the country, if your car is impounded, contact us to discover how we can release your vehicle at a minimal cost. Because the longer your car stays at the impound yard, the higher the price.

The Impound Car Insurance Specialists You Need.

Only specialist insurance companies, such as us, can offer insurance that allows you to release your car in Birmingham. We assist people who have had their vehicle seized and get their car out with very little waiting around. And get their vehicle back on the road.

For impound car insurance, you have the choice of either short-term impound insurance or an annual impound insurance policy. Each type of policy has its benefits. You decide which one will suit you best. Contact us, and we can help you determine which approach best suits you to release your vehicle.

You’ll Need It Most When You Don’t Have It.

In Birmingham and throughout the UK. Traffic crimes could cause the police to impound your car. Police officers have the authority to immediately seize your vehicle and take it to a secure compound lot, where you will be charged per day for the courtesy. Insurance-related crimes are the most fundamental reason for cars being impounded.

Suppose you are caught driving your car without an insurance policy. More than likely, your vehicle will be impounded by police. Other reasons for having your vehicle impounded can be if you’re allowing somebody else to drive your vehicle without any car insurance. Dangerous driving, if your car is illegally parked, or if your vehicle isn’t roadworthy are also other reasons when the police can seize and impound your vehicle.

These rarely happen, but as we have said, sometimes situations outside our control can occur, and impounding car insurance is necessary.

Suppose your car has been seized. You’ll be glad you took out impound car insurance with Release My Vehicle.

How Do I Get Insurance For an Impounded Car?

Most standard insurance companies do not offer impound car insurance policies, so their help is limited. To release the car without having to pay excessive charges. The police need proof of a valid car insurance policy.

This is where Release My Vehicle comes in.

We strive to build a strong relationship with our clients and offer impound insurance policies that can assist you in releasing your car from the compound where other insurance companies cannot.

We also understand the difficulty of finding insurance for impounded cars, even though you may have already faced compound fees and fines. And even court appearances.

We will address the solution. That is not the problem.
We’re here to remove all your stress of finding an affordable policy that meets your needs. You can also read about impounded car insurance in Manchester. 

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