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Release My Vehicle provides a simple solution for releasing your car that has been impounded by police and has no insurance. We offer several short-term and annual policies. Please contact us for a no-obligation impound insurance quote.

An Impound Insurance Quote is Required to Release an Impounded Car

Impounded car insurance is a policy that will assist you in retrieving your vehicle if it is confiscated. It is specifically designed to help you quickly release your impounded car. This policy extends for at least 30 days and covers third parties.

You can get temporary car insurance for impounded cars. We can assist drivers by providing them with the proper impound insurance documentation to be released from a police pound.

The police will only accept a few standard car insurance policies. Because they hardly cover impounded cars. It means you’ll need to get specialist impound insurance. This type of insurance provides the necessary documentation to retrieve your impounded car from the police pound.

Why Do You Need an Impound Insurance Quote?

Police and other authorities can impound any vehicle driven without insurance or carelessly or by a driver without a valid license.

Cars that have been impounded are taken to a police pound, where the registered owner will have to pay a release fee, and daily expenses will be added for each day the vehicle is not picked up. The registered owner usually has 14 days to release the car before it is auctioned or scrapped.

If the police impound your car, you must get the right coverage as soon as possible to release the vehicle before it is crushed.

You must act quickly to release your car within 14 days. As a result, getting an impound insurance quote online is a simple solution because the online provider can send you documentation and confirmation of insurance coverage via email right away.

How to Get Your Car Out of the Police Pound?

To get your car released from a police compound, you must show proof of documentation, which includes:

  • Proof of insurance certificate covering police-impounded cars.
  • You must provide proof of car ownership.
  • A valid MOT certificate.
  • The driver’s license serves as proof of your identity.
  • A driver must also provide proof of address in any standard document. (This includes bank statements.)

Can You Use Temporary Insurance to Get Your Car Released?

Many impounded car insurance companies provide temporary impound car insurance. However, many standard company policies remove impounded vehicles and thus are insufficient. When you arrive to release your vehicle, it is unlikely to include a specific cover for impounded cars.

How to Get Impound Insurance Quote if You’re Under 21

If you are under the age of 21, it is complicated to get impound insurance. Many temporary insurance companies only cover people between the ages of 21 and 75. However, if you are under 21, you may still be able to find coverage because some companies provide car insurance impoundment for those under 21. Most companies also refuse to deliver provisional license holders with impound car insurance.

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