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What Is Impounded Vehicle Insurance?

If your vehicle has been impounded by the police for some reason, you are going to need a valid impounded vehicle insurance policy before you will be able to retrieve your vehicle. A standard car insurance policy will not cover you and you have likely got enough on your side without dealing with different insurance brokers who just either can’t help or want to charge you a lot.

The purpose of impounded vehicle insurance is to allow you to retrieve a vehicle from the police pound. If you want to release your vehicle from the police pound, you will have to prove that the vehicle is insured for at least 30 days as it is the same with impounded van insurance before it can be released.

At Release my vehicle, we are experts in helping drivers in critical situations to get the insurance policy they need as early as possible. We have helped a lot of drivers whose vehicles have been impounded to get the policy they require to get their vehicles back out of an impound and back on the road quickly.

Why are vehicles get impounded?

The police and other authorities have got all the power to impound vehicles. There are several reasons why your vehicle gets impounded including:

  • The vehicle was not insured
  • Vehicle is not paying road tax
  • Driver parked the vehicle on private land with a SORN
  • It was driven in a dangerous manner or in a careless way
  • The vehicle was driven by someone without a valid driving license
  • It was parked dangerously or illegally
  • The driver has an invalid driving license

Does standard vehicle insurance cover you to collect the impounded vehicles from the police pound?

If you have a standard vehicle insurance policy in place, most insurance brokers will not insure you to get your vehicle out of an impound. You should have a specialist insurance policy in place to do so.

How much does it cost to get a vehicle out of an impound in the UK?

You will need to call the police or the NSL first if it is regarding vehicle tax payments, to find out where your vehicle has been taken. After it, you will have to pay the charges to release the vehicle. The charges will largely depend on how many days your vehicle is in the police pound.

There is a strict time limit to get your vehicle out of an impound. If you are unable to do so, it will be thrown away or auctioned.

How can you get your impounded vehicle back?

Usually, you will receive a notice letter when your vehicle is up for collection. This notice letter will consist of detailed instructions and let you know which police pound your vehicle has.

If you are not sure, it is best to check with a particular impound before your visit to see what they need. But there are a few documents you need in the police pound to get your vehicle out of an impound:

  • Proof of valid insurance
  • Your driving license
  • A valid MOT certificate

Can someone else get your vehicle out of impound?

If you as the registered owner of the vehicle not able to collect an impounded vehicle, someone else can also get it on your behalf. But, that man must bring the documents listed above as well as the following documents:

  • An authority letter that is signed by the registered owner provides the person the authority to collect on your behalf
  • A copy of the driving license or passport so the signature on the authority letter can be verified
  • A valid insurance certificate showing that the driver collecting the vehicle on behalf of the owner is also shown as a driver covered under the policeGet impounded vehicle insurance Having your car impounded by the police is a major discomfort yet an expensive one. However, Release my vehicle can also provide you with impounded car insurance so that you can get back on the road as early as possible. We offer:
    • Quick cover over the phone
    • 30 days cover
    • Cover for drivers aged between 21-68