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Release my vehicle offers a simple solution to release your car impounded by police with no insurance. We offer a variety of short/annual policies. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation impounded car insurance quote. 
Many car insurance companies do not offer car insurance for impounded cars. So you may require to find an expert provider.

Impound insurance to release impounded car

Impounded car insurance is a certain policy that will help retrieve your car if impounded. It is particularly designed to assist you to release your impounded vehicle on a very short note. This policy covers third parties and at least 30 days.

Briefly, you can also take temporary car insurance for impounded vehicles. We can help by supplying drivers with adequate impound insurance documentation to release impounded cars from a police compound.

If your car is impound by the police, you are need to provide them with insurance documentation proving that you have a policy in place that covers impounded vehicles and is valid for at least 30 days.

Many standard car insurance companies’ policies will not be acceptable to the police. Because they hardly cover impounded cars. This means that you require to take out specialist impound insurance. Specialist impound vehicle insurance offers you sufficient documentation to get your car back from the impound.

You can also get impounded van insurance cover as well.

Why do you need impounded car insurance?

Police authorities are able to impound any vehicle that  drive without insurance or carelessly, or by a driver without a valid license.

Impounded cars are taken to a police compound. Where you pay a release fee, daily charges will also be added for each day the vehicle is not collected. You normally have 14 days to release your car, after that it can be destroyed.

If your car is impounded by the police, it’s important that you get adequate cover quickly to release the vehicle before it’s at risk of being crushed.

You must act rapidly to release your car within the 14 days time period. That is why getting an impound insurance quote online is a simple solution. As the online provider can immediately send you documentation and confirmation of the insurance cover via email.

How to release your car from the police compound

Impounded car insurance quotes

To release your car from a police compound, you will require to show proof of documentation, including:

  • Proof of certificate of insurance that covers impounded cars by police.
  • You need to show evidence of vehicle ownership/keeper
  • MOT certificate.
  • Evidence of your personal identity via your driver’s license.
  • You also need to show evidence of your address using any standard document.
  • Including bank statements.

Can I use temporary insurance to release my car?

Temporary impound car insurance is offering by many impounded car insurance companies. But many standard companies’ policies expel impounded cars and therefore cannot be sufficient. When you come to release your car. So most likely it will not include a particular cover of impounded cars.

How to get impound car insurance under 21

It is very difficult to get impound car insurance if you’re under the age of 21. Many temporary insurance companies only offer cover for those aged between 21 and 75. But you can still be able to find cover if you are under 21. Because some companies offer to impound car insurance for those under the age of 21. Most companies also refuse to offer impound car insurance to provisional license holders.

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