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Impounded Car Insurance

What is Impounded Car Insurance

Having your car impounded by authorities is a major discomfort, you might have to take out our insurance policy just to secure your car’s release from the police pound as not every car insurance broker covers cars that are impounded by the police.

Why do you need impounded car insurance?

Most of the reasons a car might well be impounded are due to conditions that result in the car insurance being canceled. To release an impounded car, you must prove you have a minimum of 30 days of insurance for the car.

However, impounded cars are seen as a major risk by insurance brokers and if you can find a yearly insurance policy, it could be very expensive. This is where impounded car insurance involves. 

Why are cars impounded by the police?

Your car can be impounded for different reasons. some of these could be your mistake. But some might be out of your control.

For example, your car might have been stolen and later found by the police. It could then be taken to the police pound to await collection.

Cars can also be impounded for being driven without insurance. If the driver does not hold a driving license. or if the car is causing an obstruction. Other reasons could also be the vehicle is being parked illegally or driven dangerously. Your car can also be impounded if you have not paid car tax.

Can you get a temporary insurance policy for your impounded car?

Yes, you can get temporary car insurance for impounded car. You can purchase short-term insurance policies that give cover from 1 day to 1 month.

Select ‘impound insurance’ as the main reason for your cover when comparing temporary car insurance through Release my vehicle.

While insurance policies vary, they usually provide a complete level of car insurance coverage. It means you should be covered for damage to your own car as well as those of other drivers.

These plans are generally purchased to let someone else drive your car on a temporary ground. But, insurance premiums are probably to be comparatively costly.

Remember, an insurance policy should permit the release of the car from the police pound.

How to get your impounded car back?

If your car has been impounded, you will get a notification letter when it is ready for collection. 

The first step is to find out where your vehicle has been taken and if you are unsure, ask your local police pound to know where it’s been taken.

It is necessary to clarify with authorities exactly what’s needed and what you require to do in order to retrieve your car. Honestly speaking, getting your car back needs you to provide a number of real documents and follow the given guidelines within a night of it being taken.

You can also have storage charges and make sure your current car insurance policy covers you for the car to be released from the police pound.

What are the legal requirements if your car has been impounded?

You are legally needed to attend the police pound within 7 working days of your being impounded.

However, you should always call the operator before attending the police pound to make sure the car’s ready to collect and is not being held for more investigation. (also check the operating times)

The car should be collected by the registered owner with the correct documents brought at the time within 14 working days.

If these requirements have not been met after the given deadline.Then the police could auction your car or throw it away.

What documents do you need to retrieve your vehicle?

You should take some documents to the police pound for the release of your car.

You need the following:

  • Proof of your identity
  • Proof of ownership:
  • A valid MOT certificate:
  • Insurance certificate:

It is also worth noting that insurance policies for this purpose are not likely to come cheap. That is why it will be good to shop around for cheap impounded car insurance. You can compare impounded car insurance through Release my vehicle.