cheap Impounded Van Insurance, Cheap Impounded Van Insurance

Impounded Van Insurance- What is it?

The last thing you need is your van explicitly impound if you depend on it to keep your business up and running. Whatever the reason is that your van has been impound. You need to turn quickly to get it retrieve as soon as possible.

There are a few things you will have to do in order to enable the release of your van. And one of those is ensuring the vehicle has insurance coverage. Without it, the police and other authorities will not allow releasing your van. Even if you have everything else in place.

However, getting insurance for impounded van can be challenging. Many insurance brokers just will not provide insurance for a van that is in the police pound. All is not lost, with specialist impounded van insurance from Release my vehicle, you can get cover that will provide you exactly what you require to get your van back.

This type of policy is particularly designed to allow you to release your van quickly and without much fuss. The minimum length of cover that police and other authorities will expect is 30 days of insurance, so that’s the same as what you will get from impounded van insurance.

If you want to get your van back as a matter of haste. You will be happy to know that you can have cover in place quickly. And we have made arranging it as simple as possible.

Why your van has been impounded?

There can be many reasons why the police and other authorities may have decided to impound your van and some of them are:

  • The van is on the road without a valid insurance
  • It’s been drive by someone without a valid driving license
  • The vehicle was involve in a crime
  • The van was involve in a collision
  • It was illegally park
  • The van was drive in a dangerous manner

What do you need to get your van out of impound?

Your van is not going anywhere without a specialist impound insurance, you may well have a yearly policy already, but there is a chance that your current arrangement does not cover you for impound. Or there is a chance your van does not have insurance in place at all-it could well be the reason it was impound. Somehow, in any case, you will need to get something quickly as possible.

You could pay to take out a yearly impound insurance policy. But it is very expensive, at a time when you are already having to pay out other expenses just to retrieve your vehicle. Therefore, a temporary policy can be important.

But you can’t just take out temporary cover. That is the reason the time limit on one of those insurance policies is available at 28 days. Whereas you will need to have 30 days of impounded van insurance to retrieve your van. There is temporary impound insurance that gives exactly what you require.

Arranging 30 days of insurance is not the thing you will be need to provide in order to retrieve your van, you will also require:

  • Proof of your ID
  • Driving license
  • Certificate of insurance policy
  • A valid MOT certificate

How can you retrieve your vehicle?

You don’t have long to retrieve your van if it has been impound. So you will require to get everything in place as early as you can. You have just 14 working days to collect the van, and the longer you leave it. The storage charges will increase. 

If you don’t collect your van and are unable to present the documentation you require within 14 days. The van can be scrap or throw away.