Impounded Van Insurance, Cheap Impounded Van Insurance

What is Impound Van Insurance?

Impound Van Insurance

Whatever the reason is that your van has been impounded. Your first priority getting it released as immediately as possible.

You will need to make sure the van has insurance cover. Without Insurance, you are not able to claim an Impounded van. 

Release my Vehicle can offer you temporary impounded van insurance. In addition, allowing you to recover your van and covering you on the road for one month third party only.


Why do Police seize vehicles?

The police seize vehicles to restrict uninsured cars and vans on the road.  Moreover, the Police normally run certain operations throughout the year where police target uninsured drivers. In conclusion, your car or van can be seized for a number of other reasons, including invalid driving licenses.


There are a few possible reasons why your vehicles can be seized:

By Careless driving

If a person does this crime using a vehicle on the road. The police have the right to seize their vehicle.

Driving without license

Driving without a license is a major offense. Your van can be seized by police if they found you driving without a license.

Driving Without Insurance

Without a valid certificate of insurance, you cannot drive the van. If the person is found without insurance, the police have the authority to seize his vehicle.

Why Do You Need Insurance For Impounded Vans

The difficulty many van drivers face is that standard van insurers simply won’t cover you, if your vehicle has been impounded. For instance, when your van is impounded it makes getting around difficult. You can get the right cover by purchasing impound car insurance Manchester. In addition, you will have third party coverage.

 Impounded car Insurance Features

Just some of the benefits of  impounded car insurance in UK  include:

  • Impounded Insurance for van drivers with a variety of motoring reliance.
  • A huge range of added extras available on impound car insurance in UK giving you extra protection.

How to get temporary impounded van insurance

Getting temporarily impounded van insurance relies on a number of circumstances including your age, vehicle condition, driving history, etc.

To get temporary impounded van insurance you must meet at least the following standards:

  •  Your age must be equal to 21 years or more than 21 years old.
  •  You must be the legal owner of the vehicle ( have proof of ownership).
  • In addition, your van had a maximum of 1 fault claim in the past 3 years.

Impounded Van Insurance, Cheap Impounded Van Insurance

How can I get impounded Van back?

Without impound car insurance, your car cannot go anywhere. Therefore, to get impounded car back, you’ll need a minimum of 30 days of impounded car insurance cover.

Moreover, you can take out an annual impound insurance policy, but this can be very expensive indeed. That’s why a temporary impounded van insurance can make a lot of sense. Because temporary impound insurance policies provide exactly what you need.

Here, you will learn what to do if your vehicle is impounded.

There are the following pieces of evidence that you need to show to get impounded car back:


Proof of Your identity including:

  • Your passport
  • Authentic driving license
  • Valid national identity card
  • Not valid student or employer’s ID.

Proof of Valid driving license:

You need a valid driving license (Which should not be banned or expired).

Proof of a valid certificate of motor insurance

You will need to show proof of a valid certificate of vehicle insurance that allows releasing of a vehicle impounded by police.

For getting impounded Van insurance you need:

  • Electronic copies of the authentication on your mobile device
  • Copies sent by email, if they’ve come directly from your insurer
  • Correct address
  • Correct occupation
  • Any related medical conditions or disability
  • Correct registered owner details

Moreover, If you take the impounded vehicle insurance after the vehicle gets impound. After that, you must also show relevant pending documents.

Proof of ownership

Full vehicle registration proof. Your name and address should match the registered address.

Proof of MOT

If your vehicle is over three years old and doesn’t have a current MOT test pass authentication, you must:

  • Bring evidence from a garage of MOT appointment.
  • Organize recovery at your own expense.

Proof of Vehicle excise duty (tax)

The current registered owner is responsible for taxing a van.


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