1-day Impounded Car Insurance

Impounded car insurance can assist you in retrieving an impounded vehicle. When you bring your car documentation to the police pound, you must provide insurance documentation that is valid for at least 30 days. Keep in mind that some regular car insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for releasing cars from the police pound, so not all insurance policies are accepted.

Our policy is specifically designed for this purpose — a 30-day coverage for impounded cars, available only from a third party. If the police issue you an impound notice for driving without insurance, this insurance policy will provide you with the necessary documentation to recover the impounded vehicle.

Can You Use 1 Day-Impounded Insurance to Get Your Car Back?

Unfortunately, a one-day insurance policy cannot be used to secure the release of an impounded car from the police pound. To release an impounded vehicle, the registered owner must have a valid 1-day impounded insurance policy. Visit our website to obtain cover for the legal owner with a 30-day insurance policy.

Short-term car insurance is ideal for:

  • Quick cover from 1 to 28 days without risking the no-claims bonus
  • Giving a car to a friend, relative, or coworker
  • Taking a car from a coworker, friend, or relative
  • If you have just purchased a car, you can get quick drive-away insurance.
  • Car demonstrations without accompaniment

Who Is Eligible for 1-Day Impounded Car Insurance?

  • Any driver who has held a full UK driving license for at least 6 months or a provisional driving license.
  • Drivers range in age from 18 to 75.
  • Any driver who has lived in the UK for a year or more

You can get a short-term car insurance quote in a matter of minutes. Please keep in mind that there is no discount for buying short-term car insurance online. When you get an insurance quote, you will be able to choose the wording for your short-term car insurance.

Why Do the Authorities Impound Uninsured Vehicles?

The police and other authorities have the power under the Road Traffic Law to impound any vehicle that is being driven without a valid insurance policy or where the driver does not have a valid driving license.

If the driver has committed the offense or the police are unable to establish insurance coverage while the car is parked on the side of the road, the vehicle will be impounded and taken to the police pound, where you will be charged release fees as well as a daily storage fee until the vehicle is retrieved.

The impound notice that you will be given at the roadside will explain the strict time limit of 14 days. If you do not retrieve your vehicle by the deadline, it will be scrapped or sold at auction. We mail your certificate of insurance as soon as your payment is received under the Release My Vehicle impounded car insurance policy.

For many years, Release My Vehicle has assisted in the arrangement of impound insurance in the United Kingdom as an insurance provider. In recent years, many people have come to expect to be able to purchase insurance coverage from insurance providers. We have customized our business model to the new shopping experience and created many temporary car insurance options.

With many years of experience in providing insurance for impounded cars, you can now purchase 30-day insurance coverage for the release of an impounded vehicle online. Before purchasing our 1-day impounded car insurance cover, you must be able to meet the stringent acceptance criteria. Simply contact us right now, and we will assist you in releasing your impounded vehicle.

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