cheap Impounded Van Insurance, Cheap Impounded Van Insurance

Cheap Impounded Van Insurance: Why You Need It?

Short-term impounded van insurance can get you out of the discomfort. If you just need to cover an extra driver on your vehicle for a few days, or need to be covered to drive someone else’s vehicle. Release my vehicle is the simple answer for you. We compare cheap impounded van insurance with UK’s leading insurance providers. You can get quotes in a few minutes and then buy the cover online in just a few more. Your insurance documentation will be mailed to you quickly. Your cover is secured with Release my vehicle.

Quick online cover

Whatever the state, if you want to arrange a temporary cover. We can get you on the road in a few minutes. Confident in the knowledge that you are secure and with comprehensive cover.

  • You can select your preferred cover time
  • Cover for your van in the event of a claim
  • A vast range of ages covered
  • Cover to practice in someone else’s van
  • Adjust your excess to the cover level that you are content with
  • Impound insurance to release your vehicle from the police pound

Purchasing a van for a test drive

Often when you are looking at purchasing a vehicle, you may well not be certain. If it is going to be the one for you. When you find the vehicle, you should get some drive-away insurance for a couple of days from Release my vehicle. That allows you the luxury of some additional time to compare the best annual cover options without the speed to achieve straight away.

Temporary Additional Drivers

Family or friends come to stay with you and requires you to use your vehicle, simply purchase some temporary additional insurance for the driver- Release my vehicle is the simple answer, whatever the period you require cover for. We can provide a quick cover. Add a temporary additional driver to your vehicle which will allow visiting relatives more stretch

Avoid risk to an annual policy- A separate independent insurance policy. So if an accident happens, the claim would be on this insurance policy.

Policy wording & documentation

We can offer cheap impounded van insurance quotes from a large range of temporary van insurance brokers, covering different scenarios when you may need short-term insurance coverage.

What are the main requirements of temporary impounded van insurance?

The police pound will need that you have proof of insurance to release your cheap impounded van insurance. And this should meet the legal length of insurance for releasing a van which is 30 days, and provide third-party cover.

What else do you need to retrieve your van?

Along with your van insurance documentation, the other requirements will be:

  • Full driver’s license
  • Proof that you are the register owner of the van
  • A valid MOT certificate

If the vehicle is not registered in the name of the person collecting it the registered owner will have to provide a signed letter of authority. And the driving license to the person collecting it. The authority letter must be sign by the person collecting it so they can be identify. We recommend that if the van is not being collect in person to call the pound and check on the arrangements that require to be put in place as they can vary from one area to other.

Can you use standard van insurance cover to collect your impounded van?

You may find your existing annual insurance policy has specific restrictions which prevent you from having the right cover to release impound vans. You can also find getting an annual cover is costly mainly if there are prosecutions pending. In this condition, short-term 30-day policies may enable you to act quickly and stop the pound fee from rising.

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cheap Impounded Van Insurance, Cheap Impounded Van Insurance

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