How Much Is Impound Insurance UK?

If your car has been impounded and you want to get it back, you may need specialized car insurance. Here at Release My Vehicle, we will show you how to get your impounded car released from the police pound.

Why are Cars Impounded by the Police?

Cars and other vehicles are frequently impounded because they have not paid their taxes and are being driven on public roads. The police will remove the car if it is parked on private property without a SORN (statutory off-road notification).

Failure to pay taxes is not the only major cause of car impoundment. Cars and other vehicles can also be impounded in the same way that they were:

  • Not covered by insurance.
  • Causing an obstruction.
  • Involved in a criminal act or an accident.
  • Someone stole it.
  • Illegally parked.
  • Driving without valid insurance.

What is Impound Insurance UK?

Impound insurance in the UK is a type of insurance that pays for the release of your vehicle from the police pound.

The police generally provide comprehensive coverage for 30 days, which is the bare minimum required to retrieve your vehicle.

Why Do You Require Impound Insurance in the UK?

Regular car insurance only covers you when your car is impounded. If it does, it will simply be documented in your policy. You may be able to add impound insurance UK to your current policy; however, this will be at the discretion of your insurance provider.

How Can You Release an Impounded Car?

You will receive an impound notice, which will include detailed instructions on what you should do. If you did not receive a letter, you can call 101 to find out why.

If your vehicle has been impounded because you have not paid the tax, you should contact 101 as soon as possible, as it can enforce car tax payments. If you discover that your car has been tied rather than towed by the police, you should contact them and follow their instructions.

How Much is Impound Insurance UK?

If your car has been in the police pound for more than one day, you must pay a storage fee as well as daily storage charges. You must also pay a storage fee for each day it has been there. The release fee within 24 hours of the offense will be different, as will the release fee after 24 hours of the offense and the storage fee per day.

If your vehicle is untaxed and you do not tax it before retrieving it, a surety fee will also be required.

What Documents are Required to Retrieve Your Car from the Impound?

It’s a good idea to call the police pound where your car is parked to find out what documents you’ll need. However, you will typically be required to provide proof of:

  • A driver’s license, a passport, or an ID card.
  • Proof of ownership: You must demonstrate that you are the car’s registered owner.
  • MOT certificate: A valid MOT certificate is also required.
  • Insurance: You must have at least 30 days of coverage and proof that your policy covers you to have your car released from the police pound.

Release My Vehicle has been assisting people in getting their vehicles released from the police pound. We have developed strong working relationships with leading UK insurance providers. Who will try to find you the insurance you require to get your car out of impound? We can provide an impound insurance UK quote in a matter of minutes. So, if your car has been impounded, you should not be concerned; simply contact us, and we will walk you through the entire process of getting it out.

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