How Much Should You Spend on Your Impounded Vehicle Insurance?

The Cheapest Way to Release Your Vehicle from the Police Pound

The choice is generally between purchasing a standard annual policy. If you intend to keep the vehicle or get a short-term one, Then either sell the vehicle or make a SORN (statutory off-road notification) declaration. So you can lay it up until finances improve. 

There is also another possibility. You could sell the vehicle to someone else with a great driving record. Who could then maybe get a cheaper policy than you could? You could lose the vehicle, but at least you would get something back for it instead of watching it be scrapped or sold at auction by the authorities. All these ways have both pros and cons.

Purchasing a Standard Policy

Most people whose vehicles have been impounded because the driver was not insured were not insured. The insurance premiums were simply more than they could afford. Most of these drivers will now have to pay even more for their impounded vehicle insurance policies, as they will be facing a charge of driving without insurance, or they will already have accepted a penalty from the authorities. 

You could still use your price comparison site to shop for the cheapest impounded vehicle insurance quote. However, you would have to tell the insurance company. If you have been given a fixed penalty for not driving with valid insurance, are you facing a court appearance to answer that charge? To be unable to do so would constitute fraud, which is a serious criminal matter. In addition, it is highly likely that if you present a standard insurance policy at the police pound, the pound staff will check up with the insurance company to ensure that you have declared the situation.

Purchasing Short-Term Impounded Vehicle Insurance

1-28-days impounded car insurance policies almost inevitably exclude using them to get a car out of impound, but it makes no difference, the police will not accept them for that purpose anyway. The absolute minimum they will accept is standard insurance policies, which run for at least 30 days. Fortunately, there are insurance brokers who provide these policies and who are prepared to accept applicants with convictions.

Selling the Vehicle 

It will only be accepted by the police if the sale is authentic. So this should be viewed as your last option. Ultimately, you will need to look at the cost of getting the vehicle out of an impound. And compare that to its value. Which option you take largely depends on your financial condition. And what do you intend to do with the vehicle once it is out of the police pound? 

Release My Vehicle has been helping drivers whose vehicles are impounded by the police. If you want an insurance quote, you can always contact us because we can arrange a quote for you in a few minutes. Our UK-based call centers are always open to help you in any emergency.

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