How to Find the Right Impound Insurance for Your Vehicle?

Impounded car insurance is a policy that can help you with the release of an impounded car that has been impounded by the police or other authorities. Impound insurance coverage is a legal requirement to release your vehicle from the police pound, and most yearly policies do not cover it. 

This is why we provide short-term impound cover so that rather than having to purchase a yearly policy that does include impound cover, you can get 30 days of impound cover, which is the legal minimum requirement to be able to release your vehicle from the police pound. 

So whether your vehicle is impounded due to not having insurance on it or if it was not legally parked, temporary impound insurance will be the ideal solution for you in a critical situation. The impounded car insurance policy provides you with a solution to releasing a car from the police pound, providing quick 30-day third-party insurance coverage for drivers aged between 21 and 75 with a full UK driving license for 1 year or more.

  • Impounded car insurance cover was arranged in a few minutes.
  • You can quickly download an insurance certificate.
  • Consider a pending conviction (no insurance).
  • Quick cover to release the impounded vehicle
  • 30-day policy for insurance for impounded cars

How Does Impound Insurance Work?

When you generate your car documentation for the police pound, you must generate insurance documentation valid for at least 30 days. Not all insurance policies, in particular, exclude use for releasing vehicles from the police pound. The cover level is for third parties only. If you have been served with an impound notice by the police for not having insurance on the vehicle, this insurance policy will provide you with suitable insurance documentation to release the car.

Why Do Vehicles Get Impounded by the Police?

Under the Road Traffic Law, the police and other authorities have all the power to impound any vehicle. That is being driven without a proper insurance policy. Where the driver does not hold a proper driving license. If the driver has committed the offense or the police cannot establish insurance coverage being in place at the roadside, The vehicle will be impounded and taken to the police pound, where you will be charged release charges plus daily storage fees. Until the vehicle is released, There are many reasons why a car may be impounded, here are a few examples:

  • The vehicle is not insured.
  • Not having a valid driving license
  • The vehicle has not paid the road tax.
  • The car is illegally parked.
  • Being driven by someone without a valid driving license

How Can You Release Your Impounded Car from Impoundment?

Once you know where your vehicle is being placed, You should pay release charges plus daily storage fees until the vehicle is released. Therefore, the quicker you can release your car from the pound, the cheaper it will be. You will need to show your valid driving license, proof of ownership, a valid MOT certificate, and proof of your impound insurance. The impounder will tell you if there are any additional documents required. This can differ depending on what you are impounded for. There is a strict time limit of 14 days that will be handed to you at the roadside. After the deadline, the vehicle will be crushed or sold at auction. 

There are a few restrictions with impound insurance policies. The policy should be in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle. If this is not the case, you will not be able to get the vehicle retrieved from the impound. So ensure you don’t take insurance out in the wrong person’s name. The policy is mainly to release the vehicle from the pound. And it covers only the policyholder, who should be the vehicle registered owner.

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