Impound Insurance-Types of Policies Available

We are working closely with various specialist insurance providers to make sure that our clients are getting the most special impounded car insurance policy at a reasonable price.

We have developed strong relationships with several insurance companies and this allows us to compare impound insurance premiums and pass the best deals on to you.

Insurance for impounded cars

Standard car insurance will not cover impounded cars and the pound staff will check. If your insurance policy is valid for the impound car. It is necessary that you take out the right insurance policy to avoid paying. Further costs and wasting your time at the police pound.

The reason that most insurance companies do not cover impounded cars is that it is seen as high risk to insure a driver once they have committed an offense that has resulted in their vehicle being impounded. It could well be driving with valid car insurance or a valid driving license.

Finding an insurance company that provides insurance for impound cars can often be very tough and time-taking. At Release my vehicle, it is our objective to take the stress away from the procedure and source the impounded car insurance that you require.

Impounded car insurance

We can provide the impound insurance policy that you require to release your impounded car from the police pound and are very content to speak to the pound to confirm. That the policy is in place and covers your impound car.

In most cases, you can retrieve your impounded vehicle the same day provided that you have the documents needed.  Our experienced team will be very happy to discuss the whole process of retrieving your car from the police pound. And provide you with an insurance quote in a few minutes.

How to release an impounded car?

If your car has impounded, you will need to do certain things to get it out of the impound. First of all, you will need an impounded car insurance policy, proof of ownership, and a valid MOT certificate.

It is necessary that you collect your documents immediately as you will have just 14 days to release your impounded car. If you fail to collect your vehicle within a given deadline, the vehicle will be scrapped or auctioned. As long as you have your vehicle in the pound. The release fee plus daily storage charges will also be include in your overall bill. So, you must react quickly to minimize the damage.

Types of impound insurance policies Available 

If your vehicle is impound, you will need a particular type of policy to retrieve it. There are generally 2 types of impound insurance policies like short-term or annual insurance policies. There are advantages to each type of policy. And you will have to pick which policy is best suit to you.

Insurance for impounded cars

All our insurance policies policies are real and have been written by professional insurance companies, you will not be inquired about your impound insurance policy by the pound staff when you use our insurance policy. It is necessary that you know the company you are dealing with gives authentic policies. You don’t want to caught out by fake insurance companies.

Talk to our staff today they will be happy to help you find an impound insurance quotes to meet your requirements. Or if you want, you can fill out our form and we will contact you as soon as possible and talk to you about getting everything you need to release your impounded car from the police pound.


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