Release my vehicle provides you with Impounded vehicle insurance that you will need to release your vehicle from the compound.

If you need to release your vehicle from the impound, you must prove that your vehicle is insure for a minimum of 1-month before it can be release. With impounded vehicle insurance, you get the 30-day coverage you need swiftly and easily.

Why do you need temporary impounded vehicle insurance?

what the offense is, if you want to get your car back on the road as early as possible, the driver must have insure the vehicle. If someone doesn’t have an annual policy or their current insurance will not protect the impounded car, then you require to buy particular insurance for impounded vehicles:

Impounded vehicles are included in a high-risk category

Most annual insurers will not present the cover for impound cars as it is seen as a huge-risk category, and so a temporary impound vehicle insurance policy will be the perfect option available for you.

You will require a professional short-term impounded vehicle cover:

As adjustable as it is; a regular temporary car insurance policy will not cover the release of impound vehicles, as you will get cover for only 28 days. Our uniquely designed 30-day impound vehicle insurance policy provides you with everything you need to release your vehicle and get your vehicle back on the road.

You will save more money if you react earlier:

You will receive only 7 days to reclaim your car and if you dump it for some time, twenty pounds per day of storage is free you have to pay will fast add up to a big, extra expense. If you are not able to reclaim your car or not able to show up with proper documents within 2 weeks. Your car will be throw away. In such crucial circumstances, impounded vehicle insurance is the ideal solution. The process is very simple and precise with quotes available in a jiffy, you can save your time and money.

Having your car impound can be an expensive procedure. And the longer you leave it to the police, the more costly the entire scenario gets.

With impounded vehicle insurance for the impounded vehicles. You can get the policy you need in just a few moments, with your vehicle insurance documents email to you instantly. We will save you money and precious time.

It is very important to ensure you have the proper insurance as most standard policies will not cover releasing a vehicle from the compound. 

How can you release your car from the police pound?

Valid impound insurance documents are not just the element you are need to have your impound vehicle released. You have to confirm that your own the vehicle before you will be authorize to get it.

To make this procedure as quick and easy as possible, you should have the following documents with you.

  • Proof of proper insurance
  • Complete driving license
  • Proof of license with verifiable documents.

It is only a public list of the documents most pounds will need, however, you can get an entire list of certain documents you need in a notice letter which is send when your vehicle is ready for collection.

How can you get temporary car insurance?

Buying short-term impounded car insurance depends on various factors including your age, vehicle, and driving history among others. We can however prove that to be eligible for impounded vehicle insurance, the driver must meet the following demands:

To get impound insurance, you should have:

  • The driver should have had a UK or NI driving license for at least 3 years.
  • The driver has to be the current legal owner of the vehicle and he/she should also be able to provide the proof requested by the authorities.
  • The driver should not have more than 3 license points in the previous 3 years if the age is between 21 and 25 or no more than 6 license points in the previous 3 years if your age is between 26 and 75 years.
  • The driver should have not been ban from driving for the previous 5 years.
  • The driver must not have had more than 1 fault claim in the previous 3 years.
  • The driver should not have any criminal sentiment.
  • The driver must not have an earlier policy of insurance declared canceled by an insurance provider.

Your vehicle must include the following if you want to get impound insurance:

  • Your vehicle has not been change.
  • Its weight is not more than 3.5 tonnes.
  • Your vehicle should be register in Great Britain.

The driver can release an impounded vehicle with temporary impounded vehicle insurance. Once your vehicle is release, why not choose a temporary insurance policy. While you arrange annual insurance or sell your vehicle?

Does having your car impound have an effect on your vehicle insurance?

There is not an easy solution to this, and it will almost definitely come down to the insurer’s view. Determinate that the result will be affect by the reason your vehicle was take in the first place.

For example, if you were driving carelessly and your car was impound. It’s entirely possible that your rates will continue to rise to cover the risk of another future accident. Likewise, if you’ve been condemn to driving without an insurance policy, your insurer is likely to take a negative view.


Release my vehicle is offering cheap impounded vehicle insurance to impounded vehicles all around the UK, we are experts in providing short-term or full vehicle insurance to drivers in the UK. call our member of the team and he will guide you through the whole process of it.

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