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Can I sell my impounded car UK?

You can probably sell a car impounded by police UK pound but the sale should be the real one.

First, the vehicle owner should insure the car and the quotes can be compare after that. Before purchasing the policy, the new owner should call the insurance company to complete the sale and tell them that the vehicle is in the police pound at the moment.

This will make no difference to the insurance premium since the new owner has commit no offense but it is an important step and should not take long. The procedure is:

  • Find the best quote
  • Call and tell them the reference number, which is just under the phone number. Explain to them that the vehicle is currently in the police pound.

The registered owner would then have to attend the police pound in the authority that it was impound in, or the police pound with the new owner with the impound notice, and proof of your ID. this would generally include your driving license or passport and one or two utility bills.

The new owner would have to have a bill of sale from you; you can download it from the site as well as a current driving license and the insurance certificate. This will be downloadable and the insurer will give a link to it by email; the police will probably want to see this emailed link to the policy to ensure that it is real.

You should also take along the V5C registration document. You can complete the sale details on the spot if you are not sure how to do it. It is then a legal requirement that the new owner is registered with authorities. The police will likely send the forms to them.

The sale procedure

You will have to give the new owner will a bill of sale. You can get different templates for this online and a fast Google search for ‘bill of sale templates will bring up various possibilities.

If the car is subject to a hire purchase agreement you are require to get a settlement figure from the finance company and pay this before getting the car out from the police pound. The staff there are more likely to check with the company that the payment has really been made.

Insuring the car

The buyer once has paid you for the car, can then insure it. To be on the safe side the insurance company should be inform. That the car is currently in the police pound. This is unlikely to affect the insurance premium in any way. But it could avoid likely problems in the future if the insurers felt they must have been told.

Collecting the car

The impound staff is more likely to want the previous owner to confirm the sale. So you should go there with the buyer, taking with you the impound notice that you were given when the car was impound, proof of your ID in the form of driving license or passport of your address. Recent utility bills will typically be good.

After it, the buyer should show the V5C/2, bill of sale, and insurance documents to the impound staff. Who will then probably send the relevant documents off to the DVLA. The new owner should then receive a new logbook within 1 or two weeks.

All acquire collection and storage fees, plus a payment for the road fund license if the vehicle is not tax. You will have to be paid before the vehicle is take away. If it is not MOT’d an appointment at a near testing station should have been arrange beforehand and the vehicle should be taken straight away.

Selling the car in this way looks like an undue step to go through, mainly since it would be a force sale and you may well end up getting less than market value for your vehicle. But at a minimum, you could get something and if you simply cannot get a car out of police pound yourself then something is better than nothing. 


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