My Car is Impounded, Who Do I Contact? Impounded Car Insurance in the UK

There can be many reasons why your car was impound such as you do not have a valid driving license or insurance in place. Others are parking your car in a public place or driving on private land without a SORN (statutory OFF Road Notification). When you have an impounded car, you need to have impounded car insurance to release it.

How can you retrieve your impounded car?

To release an impounded car, you will have to attend the police pound specified on the impound notice within 7 working days of its impound to generate the requested documentation.

  • The impound notice
  • The vehicle registration document in the name of the owner
  • A valid driving license
  • The certificate of insurance for the car was impound to enable the car to be drive away
  • For un insure car impounds there are police pounds throughout where documents can generate to secure the release of cars. Only police pounds can provide release documentation on cars that have impounded.

What do you need to release it?

If the authorities are showing a current registered keeper on their records who is not the person trying to reclaim the car then the new registered keeper will have to send off the V62 form at the post office and wait for the V5 to be sent to them before they can generate documentation at the police pound and then release the car. During this period, a storage fee plus daily storage charges will charged.
During this time, it is advisable for the registered owner to call the police pound where the car is being stored so that they are aware that there is perhaps a delay in the collection of the car to prevent the impounded car from being scrapped.
A valid driving license. You might also have to bring a passport if you have an old-style paper license. If you have already surrendered your driving license to the authorities, the police will need proof of this together with another type of verifiable ID.

Valid insurance

Valid insurance documents for the impounded car. Standard car insurance will not cover the release of the car from the police pound, insurance which particularly states covers to release of the stated car from the impound insurance is needed. Without the right policy insurance policy, you will not be able to release, and you will incur daily charges.
Short-term insurance (less than 30 days) may not be enough to reclaim an impounded car. Kindly check the documentation on your certificate. If unsure, contact your insurance provider before you go to release your car. If the police are not satisfy that your insurance is valid to secure the release of your car. The car will not released.
Business insurance policies can generated if the policy”

  • Particularly names the driver who is retrieving the car.
  • Mainly lists the car on the certificate of insurance

Trade insurance policies will only be accepted if accompanied by stock books and if only applicable a VAT registration certificate. The registered owner should also declare to the authorities. Who impound the car that the car was being drive for business purposes.
Keep in mind that the documents will not accepted at face value. Checks will made with the authorities. Direct contact will be made with your insurance agency if this is felt important. Kindly note that this could lead to your insurance provider withdrawing cover. If you have not advised them of any pending driving convictions.

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